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Meet Dan

a software executive with over 20 years of experience in marketing, product marketing and product management.

Dan Bressler

likes making great things (and making things great).

He brings a creative perspective and unique combination of skills to the table and a proven record of delivering real results.

That record includes building new tech companies and software market categories from scratch, scaling success across multiple verticals, and dominating established markets with new product entries.

Dan is equally comfortable managing validation of early-day product/market fit, shaping product roadmaps, defining and communicating unbeatable value propositions, building a demand generation machine that fills and advances a brimming sales funnel, and growing operations from startup days in the garage, to expansion across the globe.

He’s unafraid to get his hands dirty and execute (because smart planning without smart execution is… not so  smart). And he enjoys working with expert teams who are passionate about the pursuit of excellence.

He’s earned awards and accolades and all of that, but prefers winning the market over winning the spotlight.

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Dan Does

a lot of things. Some of the things he can help you with include:

Strategy & Scope

First principles, second results

Campaigns & Content

Intelligent integration

Relationships & Revenue

All the pieces matter

Intelligent Inputs

Mobilize — developing, testing and refining stories & messages, competitive positioning, product vision & roadmap

Marketing Matters

Make a mark — building awareness, driving engagement, nurturing targets, generating and advancing funnel

Selling Success

More closing (less complaining) working closely with sellers and sales leadership to enhance approaches, tools and metrics

Optimal Outputs

Orchestrate — scoping the right segments, targets and approach (account based, broad or both) and building go-to-market plans

Words Work

Convince with content — creating sales tools, slides, web, ROI & case studies, articles & press releases, proposals & business cases

Partnerships that Perform

Extend the ecosystem — establishing, cultivating and growing relationships that accelerate performance and profit

Putting it all together

Telling Powerful Stories in Compelling Ways

For Intapp, Dan showcased how an innovative client success platform enables professional service firms to win business, improve productivity and delight their own customers.

  • Writer
  • Director
  • Producer

WATCH: A Day in the Life of a Matter —
In a world where clients are king – and critically concerned about success – law firms must adapt (or perish). Watch this story of a partner, a client and the lasting relationship they build. But before “happily ever after,” business must be won, risk managed, compliance ensured, work performed, bills issued and clients delighted.


Portfolio Preview

Published Materials:

Video & Multimedia:

Exploring key trends, pressures and opportunities facing the legal industry

Discussing compliance needs, changing regulations and risk response strategies

Recap of produced global user conference

Technology briefing on state and future of enterprise risk management software

On driving organizational change and innovation

Understanding the client’s perspective on success and service

Insights into career transition, change and growth

Launching an online partner solution marketplace

Leveraging knowledge management to drive productivity of knowledge workers

References & Testimonials

  • In the realm of law firm risk management — and law firm management generally — Dan Bressler personifies the title ‘thought leader.’

    Top-100 law firm (1000+ employees, $225m in revenue)
  • Dan Bressler has a proven track record of building, and growing markets for a variety a large variety of legal products. He clearly defines a value proposition with each market entry, building such a demand for the products, and making Intapp a brand name. Dan enabled law firms to understand that they can align business operations with business strategy with innovative technology.

    Senior Vice President
    Specialty insurance brokerage
  • I have had dealings with more than my fair share of tech company marketing execs. Dan Bressler is one of the marketing people I welcome hearing from. He has a sense of proportion. He appreciates the relationship with the media and its audience is a dialogue and that sometimes a vendor make get more mileage by providing content of general industry interest, rather than purely product-promotional guff where the corporate messaging is blatant and in your face. And, Dan has a sense of humor.

    To put it another way: Dan Bressler is a marketeer in the age of Seth Godin, not another hangover from the Don Draper era.

    Industry publication
  • I’m delighted to congratulate Dan Bressler for being honored with the ILTA Distinguished Peer Award for Vendor Thought Leader of the Year. This award recognizes an exceptional individual who maximizes the value of technology in support of the legal profession, provides quality educational opportunities for ILTA members and ongoing learning to help organizations navigate a complex and changing environment. Dan has made an outstanding contribution to the community, and I applaud his hard work, dedication and vision.

    Executive Director
    International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)
  • The education, thought leadership, and resources Dan Bressler delivers to the legal community are consistently outstanding. He has a discerning ‘ear’ for what good law firms need to know… a unique perspective and voice to the industry.

    Legal Consultant
    Ethics and professional liability specialist
  • In this field of legal ethics and loss prevention, Dan Bressler is, without doubt, an energetic and thoughtful leader and commentator on the use of technology to address the increasing issues surrounding law firm conflicts of interest and management of client confidential information.

    Dan has also pushed firms and their lawyers – traditionally, late-adopters of technology – to use available technology to enhance protection of client information… and his work in educating all of us on these issue is broad-minded and far-seeing.

    National Law Firm (650 employees, $140m in revenue)
  • I have worked with Dan for many years and am happy that our firm’s control of information access began through advice received from him. While many of our key business partners provide information concerning how their products will improve our processes, Dan gives us a perspective that addresses, but goes beyond, our immediate needs. Through his organizing of peer forums, we feel we are part of establishing the benchmarks by which standards are measured and this allows us to be less reactive. I am very pleased to have Dan as not only a trusted source of information, but as a colleague in the developing areas of risk management.

    Director of Client Intake & Conflicts Management
    Global law firm (1700 lawyers, 3500 employees, $1b+ in revenue)
  • When we were first introduced, I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and focus on customer service. He made special efforts to connect with me… Dan is a hardworking professional with a deep understanding of the legal industry and excellent client service skills.

    IT Director
    Regional law firm based in Central America
  • As a CIO at several large law firms, I appreciated and benefited from Dan’s forward thinking… And as the editor of a major daily law technology publication, I’m still benefiting from Dan’s wisdom and thinking by being kept up-to-date with the latest in risk awareness.

    CIO & Editor-in-Chief
  • Leaders not only understand the issues and challenges that must be overcome, they are able to bring the best resources available together in a way that makes the team better than the sum of the parts. Dan Bressler is that type of leader. In the decade that I have known him, he has always been able to understand the complexities that we face in the legal profession, bring together the best talent and technology to solve them, and inspire teams to do what they first thought was not possible. Working with Dan has enabled my firm to effectively respond to emerging trends facing the industry.

    Regional law firm (300 employees, $100m in revenue)
  • Dan Bressler is an active thought leader and contributor in the realms of information governance, security, education and peer sharing. He is an advocate who has a clear vision of what is important and works to convey that vision through various channels including writing articles, blogs and leading opportunities for the industry to share best practices and experience.

    International law firm (650 employees, $225m in revenue)
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